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If you are moving to Saudi Arabia from the U.S, you now have the privilege of getting the cheapest, yet the most reliable, moving and shipping service to the Arab peninsula.  International Moving to Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to be stressful or costly with our ocean shipping services from any port on the East or West Coast. We are the leader within moving and ocean freight transportation industry, we have created this site to help you find details about our company. We help international clients moving to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Qatar and many more Arab countries.

No matter what items you plan to move to Saudi Arabia, there will always be the right mover to meet your moving service needs and budget.  We are your relocation experts, we know how important it is to familiarize yourself with your potential new home before making this big move.

Moving To Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia is not like any other international move, the relatively strict and proper documents formalities have often been found to be difficult to follow; luckily, Neighborhood Parcel is an expert on this matter and we have the network connections and contacts to help. The country is governed by Sharia law, and Islam is closely practiced. It is essential that the U.S expat first becomes familiar with Islamic customs and laws when preparing to move to the Kingdom to avoid transgression and the consequences thereof.

Before moving to Saudi Arabia there are some things you need to know. Besides having all your proper relocation documents ready, which can be a hassle in itself, here is a list of prohibited items: a list of items that are not allowed inside the Kingdom so make sure you do not include into your shipment:

Prohibited Items To Ship To Saudi Arabia

  • Gambling Games (including your favorite childhood Monopoly, etc.)
  • Animal Skins
  • Stuffed Animals (not toys)
  • Military Uniforms
  • Fire Arms
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Pornographic Material
  • Any food containing alcohol or pork
  • Any books pertaining to religion other then Islam

Shipping Cars To Saudi Arabia

Vehicles can be shipping to Saudi Arabia via Ro Ro or inside Ocean containers as long as they are not more than five years old. Customs duty on all vehicles is applicable and it is five percent of the car or SUV values.

What Do You Need to clear Customs:

  • Your Car registration
  • Saudi Arabia Standard Organization (SASO)
  • Proof of ownership (car Title)
  • Police clearance
  • Original Car Title 

Used personal effects belonging to U.S expatriates arriving for the first time to reside in Saudi Arabia are exempted from customs duties provided that they are of the personal nature.

Required Import Documents:

  • Copy of shipping document, usually the Bill Of Lading.
  • Descriptive inventory / Packing list with actual values.
  • Certificate of insurance (if applicable)
  • Authorization letters attested by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce
  • Copy of consignee’s passport with the entry visa page
  • Copies of residence permit (Iqama)
  • Purchase receipts / invoices for electrical appliances 

We have over a decade of experience dealing with international moves from the U.S. With knowledgeable local and expatriate staff, we are here to help your move go as smoothly as possible every step of the way.  Should you need help with your corporate or individual removal and storage needs, or you would like to receive a free move cost estimate, do not hesitate to contact us at (978)851-0199

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