Moving from Boston MA

Thinking of leaving Boston MA? Tired of the frigid winters or pursuing a career overseas? Well, you will need a reliable Mover to help you figure out the logistics of packaging and shipping your household goods safely and within your budget. Here are few tips to help you make your next international move safe and smooth.

Moving Overseas Tips and Recommendations

  1. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin for easy access and identification.
  2. Pay Attention to fragile items: Wrap your breakables or hire a professional packaging company.
  3. Label Your Boxes to identify content and room they belong to.moving-overseas-worcester-ma
  4. Take pictures of wires and how electronics are wired.
  5. Vacuum Seal large clothing items in plastic bags.
  6. Number Your Boxes and have them shrink Wrapped in plastic for additional safety.
  7. If you hire a mover, consider getting insurance against loss and damage.
  8. Take photos of the rental property to show how you left it.
  9. File a change of address with Post Office or hire a mail forwarder.
  10. Defrost Refrigerator two weeks before move.

Drawing from my personal experience, I know there are lots of ways to help make your move easier and safer. The above are only few suggestions to help you, but use common sense: Make a list of items you are shipping, use plenty of packaging and fillers, and refrain from using cheap quality boxes like what you see at Walmart, Home Depot or Office supply stores. Get professional grade packaging from your nearest Uhaul or  at Neighborhood Parcel.

Whether you’re taking a business trip for 1-12 month contract overseas or embarking on a permanent move overseas, we will get the job done for international relocation, getting your belongings overseas safely and securely to anywhere in the world. We can move your personal household goods across the globe or next door! We will take care of your personal effects and make sure they are delivered to your new address in perfect condition.

Excess Luggage Shipping

We can ship your excess luggage for any trip: domestic and International. We can ship extra suitcases and bags abroad for a short holiday or getting things back home from any location around the world. We can also store your luggage safely should you need to hold it until your arrival or return. We think of everything for you. Take a look at our luggage shipping services or get an online quote today.

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