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At Neighborhood Parcel, we like to help you get a head-start in your preparations for the big move, we’ve compiled some guides, and tips based on our years of experience in the industry. Of course, we’ll make your international move as smooth as possible, but arming yourself with knowledge in advance will definitely help to ease the anxiety and may even save you some money! Moving from Boston MA or Los Angeles CA, these tips can be helpful to anyone.

Seasonality Affects Everything

Moving in the fall is not the same as in the Summer! Summer months are the most popular time to relocate overseas. The earlier you can schedule your next move, the better. If you’re flexible, try to move outside of May through August season where rates are more favorable and Movers are hungry for your business.

Do You Know Your Mover

We have a strong network of accredited and highly rated movers across the United States. SO, make sure that when selecting the next Mover to check company’s history. It often affects the credibility of the company, so be sure to check review boards and get references.

You Have Rights

Familiarize yourself with the laws that are there to protect you as a is a helpful resource to review before relocating or hiring your next moving company. “Check twice, cut once”

What Are You Shipping

Before your move date, complete the inventory of what you are shipping including values of the items. You can even go a step further and videotape the inventory just in case there is a damage claim somewhere down the line.

Review the moving estimates you may have received via email. Be careful not to submit your move and contact details to these Data Farms that will resell your info to other agents and you will get a ton of Spam and sales calls. An important factor when choosing a moving company is the written estimate and the personal contact you will make over the phone. Review these quotes closely for any red flags, fine prints or hidden charges before signing off.

Be honest and disclose your location specifics to the mover. Nobody like surprises. If you live on 3rd floor and there is no elevator, that will make a big difference and you do not want to start a relationship on the wrong foot. Make sure you discuss with your moving company how your shipment will arrive and all relevant details.


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